Rules for the use of O bag products


Features of the care of products. Housings

DAILY CARE. The main daily maintenance tool for the O bag body is a wet wipe. In order to remove household dirt, simply wipe the surface of the case with it. Pen or marker marks can also be removed with a damp cloth. It is important to start the process of removing traces as quickly as possible. Deeper dirt is removed from the surface of the case with a soapy solution and a soft, non-abrasive sponge. Small scratches will be less noticeable and the color of the case will be richer if it is wiped with a colorless “glycerin” shoe sponge or glycerin cosmetic cream. After that, it is recommended to remove the excess greasy layer of glycerin from the case and wipe it with a clean dry, or damp cloth.

OPERATION – LIGHT CASES. The biggest threat to a body in white (light) color is its contact with dark elements of clothing, which were dyed with natural dyes. Try to keep the bag out of contact with things that leave traces (paint, fade). The sooner you start the process of cleaning the bag from dirt, the higher the likelihood that all dirt will be removed.

OPERATION – DARK ENCLOSURES. The black (dark) color of the case also requires some attention during operation. Traces of powder or foundation often remain on it. They can be removed with a damp cloth. On the black (dark) case, in case of gross mechanical damage, scratches may occur. In the future, dust can get into the scratches and they will become light. If scratches do appear, apply suede foam or a cleaner to the case. You can also clean the dark body with a colorless shoe polish that will fill in the scratches.

TEMPERATURE. Temperature range: from -45 to +45. You can carry the O bag even in the coldest winter – the case will not crack. The only contraindication is to put the bag near an open fire (fireplace) or in hot weather, put it on the panel of the car. High temperatures (with prolonged exposure) can lead to deformation. On the beach, we recommend placing the bag in the shade.

If it suddenly happened that it was still not possible to avoid overheating the case of the bag, do not rush to use it for its intended purpose, try to carefully remove all the contents from the bag and let the case cool down. If you don’t, the soft, hot shell material deforms even more when worn.

RELIABILITY. for the strong and stylish. The O bag can carry a load of up to 5 kg. If you are using T-bar handles, the load capacity is up to 3 kg.


STORAGE. Avoid storing bag cases and other XL Extralight products in close proximity to heat sources and heaters.  It is advisable to store cases made of Soft material in a filled form (for example, fill with paper) so that the bag does not deform. We recommend not to press down on the body of the bags, do not put any objects on top, in order to avoid deformation of the material.

Important! The aforementioned possible situations are not warranty claims and cannot be the reason for claiming free warranty service.

Features of the care of products. Pads and handles


Delicacy in everything! textile elements (linings, cuffs) are recommended by the manufacturer to be washed by hand, without using bleach, in cool water (30 degrees)


TEXTILE. the manufacturer prohibits washing textiles in a washing machine. But if, nevertheless, you settled on a machine wash, then be sure to select the delicate / hand wash mode, set the minimum spin speed, place the product in a special bag for washing delicate items, and wash separately from other products.

When washing a textile lining, you should not turn it inside out – the inside is treated with synthetic paraffin, which protects against moisture from entering the bag.

It is recommended to dry the lining in a natural way (not on a battery) so that it does not shrink in size and does not change color. The rope handles can be soaked in soapy water and washed (by hand) using a soft bristle brush. SUEDE LEATHER. suede parts (handles, cuffs) can be treated with moisture protection for suede; clean with a special suede cleaner.


ECO LEATHER – this material does not “tan”, does not crack, does not collect condensation. High elasticity allows you to maintain its original shape for a long time. Eco-leather accessories can also be treated with special sprays and creams, which will allow the material to last longer.

Caring for things made of eco-leather is reduced to the elimination of external impurities. Dust or simple stains can be easily removed with a soft cloth or damp cloth. Wet wipes are impregnated with universal cleaning compounds, they will cope with almost any contamination. After the dirt has been removed from the product, it is enough to wipe the area with a dry cloth.

Do not use a brush to remove stains from things, even with very soft bristles. Only a soft cloth moistened with water or soapy water is allowed.

To remove sticky and dried stains, you need to put a wet cloth on the dirt. After a few minutes, the stain is easy to clean up. To speed up the process, a solution of laundry soap, alcohol, or vodka is suitable.

Heavily soiled items made from environmentally friendly leather are taken to dry cleaning.

Important! Do not use chlorine and acid products for cleaning eco-leather items. To remove stains, do not use powders containing abrasive particles. Eco-leather clothes cannot be machine washed. Drying in automatic machines is also impossible.

ECO FUR. when caring for eco-fur accessories (cuffs, covers), you must also adhere to several recommendations. Eco fur does not deform, but it is better to store it in a spacious place. If eco fur is folded into a tight package, then fold lines will be noticeable on it.

To prevent the eco fur from falling off, it is important to comb it periodically. It is best to use a sharp-toothed metal comb for this procedure. You only need to comb the ends of the pile without pulling out the fibers.

Eco fur is not afraid of moisture. However, this does not mean that the damp product of their eco fur can be simply put into storage. Shake a wet eco-fur product, remove the remaining moisture with a special foam brush or cotton pad and leave to dry at room temperature. Do not use a hairdryer or heating devices to dry.

Important! Any washing, including handwashing, is prohibited.

METAL ACCESSORIES. some of our products use metal fittings, in order for such products to retain their attractive appearance as long as possible, it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with moisture, as well as with any aggressive acidic, alcoholic solutions (including antiseptics).

Features of the care of products. Watch


MOVEMENT The O clock Great dials are equipped with a quartz movement developed by Epson corp. (Japan).

The O clock / O clock Great dials are equipped with a quartz movement developed by SEIKO (Singapore).

BATTERY. The dials use batteries:

O clock / O clock Great – size SR 626 SW

O clock Great (chronometer) – size SR 920 SW

Battery life is on average up to 1 year and depends on many factors including the environment (temperature, humidity, etc.).

The battery can be changed at any watch repair point, as well as at any of our or partner retail outlets (list on the website

Important! Do not open the dial cover yourself, in this case, warranty service is not provided!

MOISTURE RESISTANCE. The O clock has a protection level of 3 ATMs (Atmosphere). This is the minimum degree of protection against water at the household level. It allows you to wash your hands without removing your watch, stay in the rain, take a shower. Splashing or dripping onto your watch will not harm it. However, it is not recommended to completely immerse the watch underwater (you cannot swim) and direct hit a stream of water. In this case, warranty service is not provided;

The dial’s moisture resistance is maintained until the dial has no mechanical damage (chips, cracks). If the tightness is broken, we recommend limiting the watch from contact with water.

HOW TO FIND YOUR SIZE. It is very important to choose the right size for the silicone strap. The silicone watch bands O clock and O clock great do not have a clasp. In order to determine the size, you need to measure your wrist using an elastic meter without adding extra centimeters.

Wrist coverage:

from 14.5 to 16 cm inclusive – size S;

from 16 to 18 cm inclusive – size M;

from 18 to 20 cm inclusive – size L.

If the strap pinches your wrist and creates discomfort, the fit is small and a larger strap should be offered. If the strap is rotated arbitrarily during use, the selected size is large and it is necessary to offer a smaller strap.


Important! When putting on or taking off a watch with a silicone O clock / O clock Great strap, it is imperative to remove jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.), especially if the jewelry contains stones, in order to avoid damaging the strap.

The silicone strap practically does not get dirty, but if this happens, you can simply wash it in running water.

If the silicone strap begins to pick up fluff, dust (usually it can occur in the first week of use), it can also be washed underwater, or a regular hand cream will also save the strap from the subsequent adhesion of dust to the product. Just apply quite a bit of cream to the item.

HOW IT IS CORRECT TO WEAR THE WATCH. To put on the silicone strap, pass it through the wrist, slightly pull down the narrowest part of the strap with your fingertip, and, without using your nails, gently pull it further on the wrist. Remove the strap in reverse order, being careful not to twist it.

We begin to insert the dial by threading the winding mechanism into the round hole on the strap and fix the case of the mechanism, gently straightening the edges of the strap with your finger.

To remove the dial, lightly press on the inner surface of the strap and gently squeeze the dial into your palm.