O bag presents

O bag presents the


The project was launched in May 2019, the result of O bag’s commitment to pro-tect the environment. The idea encompasses all the brand’s past, present and future ini-tiatives geared to supporting a circular economy by promoting fashion that’s not only ethical but also sustainable, able to reuse and recycle materials, giving them new life and creating new value..


In view of the increasing consumer demand for green products, with the project O bag undertakes to focus on the environment and continually renew its efforts in this regard with specially-designed initiatives.


Following the Close the Circle project, launched in 2018 to collect used O bag bodies and turn them into new play equipment for social projects, and the introduction in 2019 of packaging for slippers made of 100% recyclable Green PE, for summer 2020 O bag presents the new O sun glasses with interchangeable cork-filled polyamide temples, and a capsule collection of O bags, O bag minis and O slippers in XL EXTRALIGHT® sustainable+, in other words made using an exclusive, highly engineered process to re-cover the XL EXTRALIGHT®, developed by the Finproject laboratories.
This fabulous material gives O bag products even more added value: now our bags and footwear are not only entirely Made in Italy, hardwearing and practically indestructible, the material can also be recycled and used again.
But that’s not all. At the 5-star Union Lido campsite in Jesolo (Ve), there’s a new area created in collaboration with Luxury Camp and called camp , which will show-case the very first O bag holiday home, where Made in Italy materials and low environ-mental impact play a starring role.


The transformation of products into new raw materials to make new items, the use of natural materials and the introduction of eco-friendly packaging: these are the brand’s first concrete actions for the protection of the environment.


Supporting and developing these initiatives is Michele Zanella, CEO of O bag, who says: “We’ll continue to give maximum priority to sustainability in the manufacture and distri-bution of our products, bringing our firm increasingly in line with green ethics and the circular economy”.