I’m perfect. The beauty of perfection is all about imperfection.

What is your personal definition of imperfection?The dictionary defines it like this: Imperfect = unfinished, incomplete, flawed, poorly made.

Houston-based sociologist Brené Brown has written a very interesting book called “The gifts of imperfection” in which she legitimises flaws as the new frontier of taste.
Flaws and the courage to show them off are now viewed as symbols of uniqueness and strong personality. The Venus de Milo is flawed, missing an arm, and yet she is admired by the crowds at the Louvre. Like the Winged Victory of Samothrace, whose single wing is the embodiment of mutilated victory.
O bags with the “I’mperfect” TAG are also flawed.

Increasingly oriented toward 100% Made in Italy ecological production, O bag continues on the path toward ethical, sustainable fashion capable of reusing and recycling 100% of the materials used, to respect and protect the environment. This is the story behind the products in the O zone collection, made of 51% recycled thermoplastic compound.

The bags in the O zone collection feature flaws due to the process of recycling this particular material (EVA Thermoplastic Compound).

These are products that are not “perfect”, but unique and, above all, 100% sustainable. Each bag has its own little flaws, but this is what makes every one of them different and unique, and it is this diversity that makes them perfect! .

This is the first concrete step toward recycling our products in the years to come.
Ongoing research and experimentation with new technologies in production processes will help us come up with increasingly perfect products.

We’ve taken the first step!
And now, it’s up to you! Help us protect the environment by making a green purchase, buying products marked with the “I’mperfect” TAG
Available online and in O bag stores!